Our history

From 1961

Born in 1961 from a big passion for trucks and a huge willpower of the founder, Mr. Salvatore Bellomo, the company was born in a historical period, when Southern Italy, and especially Calabria, was suffering from the important migration phenomenon to the North of the country, which, demanded and offered more jobs opportunities. So, without a driving license, Salvatore, started his adventure with a little Piaggio Ape 150.

The furniture transport adventure starts

Once Salvatore got his driving license, he bought his first truck, a Fiat 615 N. With this vehicle, Salvatore started to transport everything from people who did not possess a car at that time, to animals that were transported from a fair to another throughout Calabria, to be then sold, by little farmers who didn't have means of transports. Furthermore, he starts, helped by the flux of migration towards the North, to relocate those few items of furniture, trunks and packages people who migrated needed in order to survive. He, later, applied to his truck a mountable cell with a cloth in order to transport the furniture without them getting wet on the way to Naples, through a main road and mountain road, because there were no other ways to get there until the first highway was built in the 70's. In 1967 he bought his new first and glorious truck: a Fiat 616 N1, backed up later on with an OM 50.

From the '70 onwards... antique furniture and glass objects

In the early 70's, Calabria, and particularly the city of Nicastro, which became later in the city of Lamezia Terme, within the Sambiase and Sant'Eufemia city councils, went through a building industry boom. Salvatore, decided then, to buy a new tilting truck: a Fiat 90 NC; as the demand for transport raised. The building industry boom led to an increased demand for relocation service. Salvatore decided once again to buy another truck, a tilt for the transport of furniture, to assist his tilting truck. This is how he bought his first tilting truck: an OM 70. This truck allowed him to supply a better and complete relocation service. In 1990, he also decides to buy his first combination ladder to get the furniture easily up and down from houses, as the request for fast pace relocations raised. From then, many other trucks and tools have been acquired by the company. However, see how time was evolving and also, how Salvatore's son was passionate about it- in fact, he didn't have a driving license yet, but a lot of enthusiasm- Salvatore pushed into buy their first automatic truck scale of 25 meters. Antonio took the reins of the family business, backed up by the father's remarkable experience, he continued to continuously specialize himself and keep pace, in order to offer a more efficient service and to create a company where customer experience, punctuality and human relationships are the basis!


Salvatore Bellomo

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