Moving for privates

Choose between 5 different solutions for your moving



It includes: the van, the furniture protection with covers, a service with a turntable ladder and two operators to deal with the equipment. Services to pay: the request of porterage from our operators.


It includes: dismounting and mounting of furniture, inside the van protection with covers and the loading, transporting and downloading operations. The packaging of the furniture content is not included. Services to pay: packaging with plastic material and clothes racks.


Same operations as for the ECONOMY, but adding: boxes supply, clothes racks, hang up mirrors and big paintings. Services to pay: Furniture content setting, mounting of tent poles.

Top class

Moving TOP CLASS means a high quality performance. The service includes all operations. Moving TOP CLASS is an extremely personalised service.


Perfect for who, either, need to renew or leave a house or move in a new location. In our storage boxes we will keep your goods until your house is ready to settle.