Art Transportation

Bellomo Moving Transports has a prestigious client portfolio, which represents the best reference on the quality of the services received, as moving artworks is a complex operation and hence must be entrusted to professionals.

TBS Moving carefully and punctually organizes all the logistical aspects, and the experience and competence combined with the most modern transport and packaging techniques hallmark our daily way of operating.

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Trinity by Luigi Di Sarro

Transfer of the modern “Trinity”

Mural by Sarro

The mural, a wall of 2 meters x 2 meters and 60 cm, was transported from Ostia to Lamezia and then from the storage where it was placed to the municipal headquarters
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Relocation of assets to new premises

Lametino Archaeological Museum

the transport and relocation of assets to new premises, meticulously carrying out the operations of verification, packing, transportation, and relocation of the artifacts.
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transfer of the bust of Napoleon

Work by Canova

Our staff took care of the packing, transportation, and relocation of the work learn more
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