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Founded in 1961 from a great passion for trucks and the strong will and courage of the founder, Mr. Salvatore Bellomo, the company was established in a historical period when Southern Italy, especially Calabria, was suffering from the severe phenomenon of migration to Northern Italy, which at that time, required and offered much more job opportunities. Thus, even without a license, Salvatore began his adventure with a small Piaggio Ape 150.


As soon as he obtained his license, Salvatore bought his first truck, a Fiat 615 N. With this vehicle, he began transporting everything, from people who at the time did not own a car, to animals that were taken to fairs throughout Calabria to be sold by small farmers who lacked trucks. Additionally, he began, fueled by the migration flow to the North, to move the few pieces of furniture, trunks, and packages that the emigrants back then took with them to live. He had a removable cover with a canvas installed on his truck to move these items without getting them wet along the way, which was done only on state and mountain roads due to the absence of a highway, only built in the 70s. In 1967, he bought his first and glorious new truck: a Fiat 616 N1, later replaced by an OM 50.


But in the early 70s, Calabria, and especially the city of Nicastro, which later became part of Lamezia Terme along with the towns of Sambiase and Sant’Eufemia, experienced a strong building boom. Thus, Salvatore, seeing the high demand for this type of transport, decided to also buy a new tipper truck: a Fiat 90 NC. This construction boom inevitably increased the local demand for moving services. Salvatore then decided to buy another truck, a van for furniture transport, to accompany his tipper truck. This led to the purchase of the first van truck: an OM 70. This truck allowed him to offer a better and complete moving service. Given the increase in moving demand and the need to shorten the time and effort, in 1990 he bought his first modular ladder to move furniture in and out of houses with less effort. Since then, many other trucks and equipment have followed in the company’s availability. But Salvatore, seeing the evolution of the times and the enormous passion developed by his son Antonio for this work, driven by the latter, still without a license but full of enthusiasm, bought their first 25-meter automatic truck-mounted ladder. Thus, Antonio took over the reins of the family business, supported by his father’s vast experience, continuing to update and specialize constantly, in order to offer an increasingly efficient service and create a company where experience, punctuality, and human relations set the standard!

Salvatore Bellomo
Salvatore Bellomo
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